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PSI NU 5000 


Psi Nu’s “Street Team” Supports Early Voting Awareness as Part of Historic #PsiNu5000 Initiative


Alexandria, VA The Brothers of the Psi Nu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. supported their #PsiNu5000 initiative by hitting the streets on October 27 the to share the message of and importance of voting, The #PsiNu500 initiative seeks to inspire, empower, engage, and mobilize at least 5000 Alexandria, VA voters to get to the polls early.


“To have a thriving democracy, its citizens must actively engage in the political process,” said Marvin Chambers, the Psi Nu lead for the initiative. “Voting is the ultimate form of civic engagement. It serves as a powerful and ever present reminder to those entrusted to govern that the will of the people is their aim.”


To date, the Psi Nu Chapter has donated over a hundred volunteer hours to support the City of Alexandria become vote-ready in large numbers. The goals of the #PsiNu5000 include ensuring Psi Nu Chapter brothers vote, supporting the entire Alexandria, VA in voter education and working with local organizations such as churches and civic organizations in order to help residents register and get to the polls.


Please click the following link to view a recap of the outing: Click Here


The Brothers of Psi Nu Chapter thank the community for its support and encourage all to vote both early and on November 3rd.


Written by:

Bro. Garrett James | 3-SP08-TLL

Editor to the Oracle: FY 2020-2021

Psi Nu Chapter | LM #6184

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