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Achievement Week - Bro. Gee James 

Assault on Illiteracy - Bro. Gill Perkins

Bylaws - Bro. Owen Wilson

Audit and Budget 

Communications and Automation - Bro. Anthony Sutton & Bro. Ed Hull

Fatherhood Initiative - Bro. Zack Morse II

Fundraising - Bro. Tyrell Dale

Health and Wellness - Bro. Woodrow Bell

Membership Selection - Bro. Doug Lightfoot

Memorial & Commemoration - Bro.Eric Smith 

Mentorship - Bro Zack Morse II & Bro. TraVaughn Lincoln

National Pan-Hellenic Council  - Bro. Donte Jiggetts & Bro. Jared Lewis

Reclamation & Retention - Bro. Martin Kendrick

Scholarship - Bro. Darryl Mason Jr.

Social Action  - Bro. TraVaughn Lincoln

STEM - Bro. Melvin Stallings

Talent Hunt - Bro. Shawn Brown

Time and Place - Bro. James Goodman III

Widow Outreach - Bro. John Gordon 

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