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The Brothers of Psi Nu Chapter would like to introduce you to one of our newer programs, Your Power Book!


Your Power Book (affectionately known as YPB) is designed to engage and challenge the local community, and beyond, on contemporary issues such as popular culture, family life, health, finance, society, education and politics, all through the lens of people of color. 


“As a chapter, we want Your Power Book to amplify and recognize authentic narratives and allow us to all engage in civil discourse surrounding the things that unites as well as possibly divides us,” explained Brother Garrett James, the founder of YPB.


Psi Nu Chapter’s vision for YPB (currently being held virtually)is for the program to serve as the premier place where the most important and needed conversations are held to move our community forward.”


Want more information on this community discussion series? Check out our past events and stay tuned for the future happenings!

Your Power Book Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 (Dec 2020): A New Decade of BLACK Girl Magic

  • Chapter 2 (Jan 2021): Stimulus Check (UP): Making a Healthy 2021

  • Chapter 3 (Feb 2021): The How-To Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships in 2021

  • Chapter 4 (Mar 2021): Honoring Female Titans

  • Chapter 5 (Apr 2021): The Complete Guide to Post Pandemic Career Planning

  • Chapter 6 (May 2021):  What Men Really Want (Intimacy, Love & Relationships)

  • Chapter 7 (June 2021): Real Superheroes: A Generation of Black Fatherhood

  • Chapter 8 (July 2021): What Does FREEDOM Really Mean? A Townhall Discussion

  • Chapter 9 (Aug 2021): The Intersectionality of Emotional Intelligence and Black Men

  • Chapter 10 (Sept 2021): The New LEGACY Experience: Lessons on Advancing Generational Wealth

Chapter 10

Chapter 8

Chapter 6

Chapter 9

Chapter 7

Chapter 5

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 1

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