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On September 19th, 2020, Shiloh Baptist Church in Alexandria Virginia hosted a food drive with the intention to feed 500 families in the community. Shiloh worked to raise funds and exceeded their initial goals which allowed them to collect enough food to feed well over the projected 500 families. There was a call for help in multiple areas and 10 brothers from the Psi Nu Chapter answered by offering assistance in the morning of the event in the areas of unloading and setting up the stations where food would be collected. All of this took place at the location of Shiloh Baptist Church in Old Towne Alexandria VA.


The brothers decided that the set up and unloading would not only be a safe way to assist given the large amounts of people that were projected to show up, but also very necessary as a lot of the organizers were either women or older in age. As the brothers arrived, they helped to set up welcome stations where people who checked in would be subject to a temperature scan, which the brothers were not exempt from. The brothers also assisted by putting markers on the ground using tape and a tape measure to ensure 6 feet of distance were between each marker.


 The goal of the food share program is to provide high quality food to 500 families and/ or senior citizen in Alexandria, Virginia. Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. The food is all the same high-quality one could purchase at a grocery store. There are no second-hand items, no damaged or outdated goods, no dented cans without labels, no day-old bread, and no produce that is almost too ripe.

The brothers provided assistance by showing up at 7:30am to off load the truck containing the food that was to be packaged into bags for the families. Brothers also assisted Shiloh members and other volunteers in setting up the areas that would be used to package and distribute food to the families in need as well as school supplies to families that had children. The Brothers enjoyed working with Shiloh and plan to work with the church again on a regular basis.

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